Concert Review: Pedro Martins @ Musig im Pflegidach, Muri


Presenting his latest album VOX, the guitarist Pedro Martins, together with his bandmates Adam Forkelid (keyboard), Robin Mullarkey (bass) and Jeremy Stacey (drums) proved what he can do. The Brazilian-influenced jazzy songs combined with Martin’s falsetto voice and guitar solos delighted the audience of the “Musig im Pflegeidach” in Muri last Sunday.

The music fades, the lights are dimmed and the band enters the stage. The drummer Stacey sets the beat of the next song, but he has to stop again because Martins missed the start. The next attempt by the drummer to play the song must also be interrupted. The band leader had a different song in mind than the drummer, as the audience finally realizes from the band’s whispers.

After a brief consultation, the drums set the rhythm again and Martins skillfully kicks in with his guitar. Without being intimidated by the little mishap, the band plays with full commitment. The audience forgets the mistake by the next guitar solo.

Note: The author is a student at the Kanti Wohlen. As part of their German lessons, the students also write concert reports that are included in the grade.

Without Borders The musician uses the tone palette of his guitar with informality. His fingers play the notes up and down the instrument at such a fast pace like there is no tomorrow. Limits seem to be unknown to the 28-year-old. The guitarist plays such high notes, almost forbidden ones, that the audience understands why earplugs were available at the cash register.

However, Martins cannot only can play loud, high and energetically. While his band mates take a short break, he sits on a chair and plays Ravel’s F major string quartet’s profound melody. Unlike the songs performed previously, this piece is more indulgent and calmer, with Martin’s vocals seeming to merge with the mellow sound of the guitar. Perfect as a change and contrast to his impulsive and powerful pieces.

Casual and confident

“I’m a shy guy”, Martins says as the band prepares for the next song. Hardly anything of that shyness is noticeable throughout the concert. Wearing a fur collar jacket and sunglasses on his nose, he enters the stage after the introduction with a casual, relaxed impression.

During his solos, Martins confidently leans back slightly and holds the guitar forward at an angle the audience inclined. The sunglasses always stay on, but his mouth opens occasionally, even without singing. His knees bob in time with the music and in between you can look up to the sky or to the band behind him.

A journey far from Muri

In addition to the jazz-fusion sound, Martin’s music also feeds from pop and rock sensitivities while his Brazilian vein is expressed in between. There is something very carefree and personal about the way he presents his music to the audience. With his music, the guitarist creates an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re listening to him “jamming” at a friend’s house.

The way he discusses things with his bandmates between songs or unabashedly retuning his guitar gives you a sense of closeness. However, his music takes the audience on a journey far away from the Pflegeidach in Muri. A fantasy world is revealed to the audience, which seems almost divine with his angelic singing and incredibly high guitar tones.

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